Special Event 2015

Aerobic Ping Pong Special EVENT being planned:

COMING 1st Quarter of 2015. (TO BE ANNOUNCED) in a US CITY near you.

In order so that entering participants can prepare for this unique EVENT, we will be posting how to prepare VIDEOS on You Tube which will include all the details on how to design your own apparel and make you own weighted – decorative Aerobic Ping Pong rackets to be used during the EVENT.

  • The reason for participants doing this is because there will be unique prizes awarded in three different categories at the event.
    Best design of the Apparel worn.  The Aerobic Ping Pong Competition.  The Aerobic Ping Pong DancerCise which is the Dance Contest set to LIVE OR RECORDED MUSIC.
    Day-Glow enabled colorings (which glow under a back light) will be taken into consideration as participants are being judged in order to identify the winners of the event in the apparel and racket design division of the contest.
    The EVENT will be open to the public and will have three different opportunities to win a prize.
    We will start posting the YouTube EVENT preparation VIDEOS IN JANUARY 2015

NOTE these weighted decorative and fashionable Aerobic Ping Pong Pong rackets will also have special benefits when used during Aerobic Ping Pong Exercise Routines developed by Aerobic Pong Pong.  After the EVENT participants will also be given information on and the opportunity to sell their creations if they desire to do so. We are soliciting the FASHION industry for sponsorship, advertising those who have an interest in our newly created concept.