IMG_0788This is the original MARTY REISMAN HARD BAT PADDLE/RACKET which MARTY himself use to PLAY with back at the time when he had his FAMOUS PING PONG PLACE on WEST 96th st. and BROADWAY. He used to HUSTLE players with this RACKET.  He would also perform his FAMOUS CIGARETTE TRICK using this RACKET back at that time CIRCA late 70’s and 80’s and was featured on the David Lettermen Show performing his CIGARETTE TRICK.  I have great memories as I use to go there all the time with my FATHER to play. My Father Gyula Apatini was NO. 11 in HUNGARY back in his young days before we immigrated to the US after we escaped from HUNGARY during THE 1956 HUNGARIAN REVOLUTION. I have some incredible memories with MARTY REISMAN, my whole family and circle of friends miss him very much. During 1970’s and 1980’s when he still had had his PING PONG PLACE and then still existed  “THE NEW YORK TABLE TENNIS LEAGUE”  we use to schedule all our matches at his famous and then only PING PONG/TABLE TENNIS PLACE in MANHATTAN. I am very proud and happy to have ownership of this original Marty Reisman Racket which was made by Marty himself circa 1970’s. Below are some photos I took with my cell phone of the original Marty Reisman Ping Pong Paddle.

The ORIGINAL MARTY REISMAN HARD BAT RACKET  – PADDLE:    © ALL Photos Taken January 15, 2015 by Jules Apatini