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The Aerobic Sports Dance & Music Exercises Group’s major goal is to introduce APE (Aerobic Progressive Exercises) an excellent cardio workout program to Health Organizations, Clubs, Exercise Facilities, and Children & Senior Centers throughout the United States. We are planning to launch the project in New York City by the 4th quarter of 2019.  That time we are planning will be able to send qualified APE instructors to Health Organizations and Health & Fitness facilities in NYC and eventually all throughout the US in order to demonstrate to their staff of instructors, on how to conduct these workout routines, to their clients and members. This will provide  an added value as they attract new members. We do this in order to popularize using Sports as a basis for APE. The first of these is Ping Pong – Table Tennis in the US.  According to research, there are about 19.5 million Ping Pong players in the US.  One of our goals is to popularize Ping Pong/Table Tennis to a level in the US as it is all around the world. We think that once the US takes this 2nd most participated Olympic Sport seriously, with proper sponsorship, it can take place in a relatively short period of time.
Aerobic Sports Dance & Music Exercises Group orogins date back to the time when Ping Pong Fitness was written and posted on October 29, 2011.  Consequently about a month later to the day, Health Works by Fox News was also posted online.  Aerobic Ping Pong exercise concepts were realized by  Jules Apatini  who was born in Hungary and immigrated to the US in 1959.  FULL STORY here.  Jules grew up playing Ping Pong and was educated in the US.  Jules comes from a Ping Pong/Table Tennis family. He started playing Ping Pong at age 12.  Gyula Apatini, his Father was NO. 11 in Hungary back in the days when Hungary was a dominant name in Ping Pong/Table Tennis with names like Victor Barna, Koczian, Sido, Bellak, and in more recent years  Jonyer, Klampar and Gergely.  Gyula Apatini’s dream was to popularize Ping Pong/Table Tennis to the level in the US as it was in Hungary, and the rest of the World.  Then the concepts of APE were created by the Aerobic Sports Dance & Music Exercises Group derived from Aerobic Progressive Exercise Routines. These concepts date back as far as October 9, 2011 as referred to by the above linked article. APE programs and routines will be made up of the Strokes & Moves from Sports like Ping Pong and will also have dance like moves incorporated which we sometimes refer to as Ping Pong Dancercise. This is also catered to those people who are only interested in engaging inexcellent form of Aerobic Progressive Exercise cardio workout and NOT interested in playing Ping Pong.  These exercise routines can be conducted anywhere.  As you are performing these sports & dance-like moves, as an added benefit you are also learning the moves and motions of the particular sport who’s moves you are mimicking. These Aerobic Progressive Exercises will get one’s heart pumping, blood flowing, and brain working while providing many other awesome potentially life changing Health & Fitness benefits.

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